How do I get my Business on Bing Local?

Bing has carved a spot in the search engine industry for being an engine that offers more pertinent consumer information right up front within search results, without having the mouse over or click on extra links for more information. Since its humble beginnings, Bing has managed to take away around 11% of the market share from other large search engines, most notably Google. Bing has been designed to be especially useful with mobile devices and people using search engines as virtual yellow pages, simply to find the goods and services they want right away and in close proximity. If you run a business that gets a lot of walk-in patronage, or if you need to be more visible for mobile using clients, then you absolutely need to “Grab” your business profile on Bing.

A local coffee shop found that since a few months ago, business was pretty steady with walk in customers who wanted a cup of coffee on the fly without knowing the area- made possible by looking them up on their mobile devices. In their part of town near the airport, they got a lot of customers that were layovers or new to the area, and had no idea that this particular coffee shop offered a great cup of coffee. At one point, they noticed that a coffee shop down the road was getting more of these new walk in consumers than normal, and they couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until one late evening when the owner was looking at setting up his coffee shop with a Google profile that he realized- Bing offered the same kind of service but for him in particular, choosing to put his business on Bing Local would serve him very well. And it did. Later on that month after he Grabbed his business on Bing Local, he noticed that more mobile users glued to their devices were walking in the front door. He had a 12% increase the following month in sales. The numbers speak for themselves!

Putting your business on Bing Local is pretty self-explanatory. You simply go to the and click on Business Portal. From there Bing offers you some quick information on how much the service costs (free!) and how your business profile will look when it appears in Bing search results. Like Google, Bing offers advertisement services when you sign up for Bing Local that doesn’t charge their customers unless they get clicks from Bing. You can set up multiple businesses with Bing, and register multiple websites with one account. Bing also offers more than Google in terms of photos, customized logo placement and design, and many other features that can make your business really stand out when someone searches for your product on Bing. Simply follow the prompts, and set up is finished!

To be found on Bing Local, you’ll want your business to have a website that your potential customers can look at before they patron your business. offers great basic business web hosting products that includes your own control panel, 24/7 customer support, and many other tools for your business. Get started today!

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