HostSailor Introduces A Line Of SSD Solutions Under Its SSD Hosting Services

ssd-hostingDubai, UAE – HostSailor has recently introduced SSD shared hosting after providing multiple VPS and dedicated hosting options for years. The company aims to provide flexible choices to their customers, offering packages well-suited for small to large businesses. Their shared SSD hosting service currently offers five different packages, starting from 0.95 USD. In addition, they offer add-ons to further enhance speed at lower costs.

HostSailor provides hosting solutions around the world, although their main office is registered and located in Dubai, UAE. The company has its servers in both Netherlands and Romania, offering reliable services to clients in several different countries. They provide a flexible choice by offering VPS and dedicated plans, and have recently introduced SSD shared hosting services. A variety of packages are available to choose from, fitting every budget and hosting requirement. In addition, they also provide SSL certificates, domain registration and transfer services, and hosting reseller programs.

Shared hosting is the most affordable option, especially suitable for startups and small businesses. The hosting service allows entrepreneurs and those with limited funds to get their services up and running, for minimal costs every month. In shared hosting plans, users are allotted resources according to their needs and have numerous options for upgrading. The affordability of these packages is a result of resource sharing which minimizes the cost paid by any one user.

Elaborating on the need for shared hosting services, Mr. Ahmed, the company’s spokesperson stated, “It’s not just the direct costs that matter. When a business is just starting up, there is a lot of uncertainty. People often don’t want to commit to long-term hosting solutions. VPS and dedicated services both are very efficient, but shared hosting is the least costly solution. Plus, shared hosting meets all the needs of small businesses, so it is a choice option for most entrepreneurs. It means you can have the resources you need for your business to take off without paying too much for it.”

Affordability doesn’t mean inefficient services. In fact, these packages are hosted through solid state drives (SSD) to offer fast shared hosting solutions. Other add-ons are also available to further enhance these services.

“A dedicated IP can be obtained and additional bandwidth can be added too. For most businesses, the packages provide enough resources. Plus, they can choose from 5 different packages depending on their hosting needs,” concluded Mr. Ahmed.

HostSailor offers Leviathan, Perseus, Zigra, Kraken and Osiris packages for SSD shared hosting. The shared hosting provider aims to offer more packages in future. Further information on these packages is available on the company’s website.

About is registered company in Dubai, UAE and a global VPS and dedicated hosting server provider. They also offer SSL certificates and domains along with live customer support service. Their business is customer centric focusing on providing personalized solutions through a dedicated team. For more information, please visit

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