HostSailor Offers Affordable SSL Certificates, Encourages Businesses To Enhance Online Security

ssl2017Dubai, UAE – A reputed hosting service provider, HostSailor, promotes online security measures, offering multiple SSL certificate options. These are made available via renowned security providers, such as Symantec and RapidSSL. These certificates are especially useful for ecommerce websites and other businesses involved in online transactions. The company aims to offer easily accessible security solutions which are efficient in protecting the end user and enhancing business growth.

As a global hosting provider, HostSailor offers numerous packages for SSD shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services. These packages are available around the world and are hosted through their fast and efficient Netherlands and Romania servers. Their numerous packages are highly appreciated by the business community as they further increase the flexibility of choice. In addition to hosting services, HostSailor also provides SSL certificates to enhance security, domain transfer and registration services, and hosting reseller and affiliate programs.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL certificates) offer security for websites and end users. The certificate forms a secure bond between the server and an individual website, allowing safe and secured transfer of information. Ecommerce sites and other businesses which require transfer of sensitive information must use SSL certificates to protect their user’s details. The data is digitally encrypted, making it unavailable for hackers and cyber criminals. An active padlock is an indication of the site’s security and makes the site more reliable for visitors. This works to improve productivity as well as profitability of the businesses using SSL certificates.

“Online attacks are increasing day by day. Credit card information, personal details etc. all are sensitive information which should be protected. If a website requires such information from visitors, then they should ensure that the data transfer will be safe. Buying SSL certificates is a good option for that. These certificates secure credits card transactions, data logins and even connection to social media sites,” explained Mr. Ahmed, the company’s spokesperson.

Customers are aware of the online security issues. Most of them hesitate in dealing with a website which is not secured. It is easy to identify these sites as they lack the padlock symbol.

Mr. Ahmed urges, “All certificates are not same; you should only rely on renowned SSL certificate providers. We offer certificates from six different companies which are globally known for providing security solutions.”

HostSailor offers certificates from Symantec, GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, Certum and thawte. Further information about these certificates is available from the company’s website.

About is registered company in Dubai, UAE and a global SSD shared, VPS and dedicated hosting server provider. They also offer SSL certificates and domains along with live customer support service. Their business is customer centric focusing on providing personalized solutions through a dedicated team. For more information, please visit

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