Gas prices seem to be climbing every day. People blame the government, oil companies, and just about anyone else rather than themselves.

I imagine if you live a long way from work or activities you enjoy gas will take a big bite out of your monthly paycheck.

There is no escaping that oil is becoming a precious commodity. Maybe it's time we stop pointing fingers at the people in charge and start asking what we can do individually.

It may sound lame, but really, isn't it us who choose to live a long way from work? Isn't it us who choose to buy huge trucks and SUV's? Isn't it us who haven't demanded more from car makers and fuel economy?

I think the positive thing coming from increased oil pricing is that we are being forced to handle the situation individually. People are buying cars with alternative fuels such as ethanol / electric / bio-diesel, scooters, car pooling, selling their gas guzzlers, moving closer to their work or activities. Over time these will have a major impact.