All of these Government billion dollar bail-out plans, may prove to be too little, too late. Let's keep our fingers crossed that that doesn't turn out to be the case. These Governments around the world are obviously panicking because they can see the whole system come crashing down before their very own eyes. Like everybody else, they too don't want tomorrow to be the dawn of a new stone-age. Couldn't these so-called experts have seen this coming before this tidal wave seemed to be right on top of us? Couldn't they have prevented these times of drastic measures for drastic times long before they started heading in the direction of the current circumstance? They were obviously pre-occupied with issues which may prove to have been totally unimportant, if we continue in the direction we are going.

What has caused this economic crisis?

I have a few theories which I would like to put forward.

Why did the world's industrial production base suddenly shift to China? There are cheaper countries in the world you know! Let us not forget that the Government of China is Communist. Communism is even more unpopular in America than Socialism, isn't it? The 'C' word! That didn't prevent the USA from investing in people enslaved under Communism. In other words, Communism may be evil, but investing in it and making a quick profit from it, isn't, apparently.

Looking back in retrospect, all of that cheap labour under the control of a totalitarian Government, suddenly on sale to the world, was too much of an irresistible bargain to the profit seeking capitalists. Who would have ever imagined at the time that this very act would result in becoming the very cause of the collapse of the world economy?

So all of these greedy rich people, with visions of things like, 'just imagine if we can sell each Chinese person a tooth brush', were free to go and pursue their own desires in China. Soon enough for sure, factory after factory was being built there with foreign investment.

Even countries like Japan, who don't historically like China so much, saw the China gold-rush as a situation giving no alternative but to participate in, if not to go under. The implications of not jumping onto the China band-wagon, were sure to spell certain doom. In other words, it was too late. There was already no choice. If your competitors were producing western products using modern production techniques and cheap Chinese labour, how on earth could even Japan compete with that?

As a result of all of this, China has been growing at an incredible and unstoppable rate, until very recently.

So why is the world economy in its throws of death right now?

Isn't it obvious? If you take away the jobs of the middle and working classes in developed countries, only to give similar jobs to Chinese 'slaves' at a fraction of the cost (which is what you are in effect doing if you invest in China), who exactly are the people who will remain being able to afford buying these products from China? The forever increasing unemployed American or Japanese might no longer have a choice on being able to buy anything but made in China products. Wal-Mart is a good example of this. If the general public aren't saved by their Governments very soon however, they won't be able to buy anything from anywhere.

If you look at the rhetoric of USA Republicans, UK Conservatives, or Japanese Liberal Democrats, they are more or less saying the same thing. Reducing taxes for businesses and industries will result in more jobs for the people (they say). They don't mention that these people are in fact Chinese though.

Let's take Toyota or Panasonic as an example. They have been benefitting from low tax rates for many years. They are also world leaders in their fields even though times are not good at all right now. Have they been increasing pays of their employees or creating jobs in their home economies to any significant extent lately? The answer is most probably not. In fact it is more likely that they have been cutting pays and jobs. The point I am making is, if the leaders in business are not doing so, how can we expect any business to be doing so!

The trickle down theory of the centre right is a lie. The truth lies closer to trickle down into their Swiss bank accounts.

The Toyotas and Panasonics protest profusely that if they don't do what they do, they can't stay competitive or profitable. This may be true in the short term, but in the long run, they must be made to understand that the incomes of their employees represent the buying power of their very own customers, the life blood of their business. Has anybody checked lately how much capital these companies have been accumalating and salting away? How much have they been investing in China lately?

The centre right Governments of the world don't make industry responsible for giving jobs to the people. At the same time, as unemployment rises, they allow these same companies to give more jobs to the Chinese. At this rate, before long, everything will be produced in China, but no one in the rest of the world (having all been made unemployed) will be able to afford this produce.

The Chinese have been very pleased until just recently. Their plans on taking over the world have been going just fine. Having said this, even they are now horrified by what the world economy is unveiling to them. They realize now (a little too late) that they may have just about help kill the goose which lays the golden eggs (the world economy itself, that they too feed off).

Even though, what is being said, doesn't put the Chinese in a good light, and maybe promotes racism towards them, let us not forget that the greedy unregulated capitalists who invested their (our) money there are more to blame. The average factory worker in China lives a hand to mouth existance with working conditions not far above slavery. Are they now the people who we want to crucify for this economic failure? I would strongly reccomend that we are very careful to even consider going down that path. Let us not forget how much of the world economy is now invested there. We certainly don't want to now piss off the work-force or the government that is in control of all of this production base. If and when the world economy stabalizes again, there needs to be serious agreements made between all governments and businesses concerned as to how the buying power of the general public in developed countries can be preserved without any further deterioration. There needs to be like no time ever before, government intervention that enforces this. The livelihood of the the middle and working class (the life blood of the world economy) needs to be revived again.

Over the eight Bush years, apparently, the salary of a CEO in the USA has gone up from 42 times that of the average employees' to an astounding 400 times!!! This suggests that the salaries of upper management and above are also disproportionately too high. That means they have become ten times richer than they already were whilst your salary (if you are very lucky or even still have a job anymore) has maybe doubled (just keeping up with inflation). The rich have been allowed to get very rich at the expense of the disappearing middle and working class whilst putting the world economy into jeopordy. These come recently super rich are probably as we speak in the process of selling up and running off to Dubai or Qatar to their safe havens where they can continue their TAX-FREE spectacular life-styles under guarenteed security to sit this one through. This is another example of how the true trickle down is only into their own bank accounts. The working and middle class in effect are only just a resource to exploit when the times are good. Could it be this very disproportionately high income of the ruling class that has caused this economic crisis? I would say that it is very much at the root of the cause. The world economy couldn't sustain or support such a parasite. If the world economy was a cow, I would say the mosquito which it constantly suffers, has now grown to the size of a dog!! Not a very happy or healthy cow!!

Think of your own salary and multiply that by 400. Isn't that more than what the President of the USA earns officially today? Do you think that these individuals' intelligence, skill, or qualification levels are 400 times higher than yours? They certainly weren't able to prevent the world economy from slipping into crisis. I would go so far as to say, they are just greedy criminals benefitting through corruption, and their self-appraisals of what they think they are worth are just totally unrealistic, unlinked to the profitability of their companies or economies.