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  • shakir
    started a topic How to select a best hosting company

    How to select a best hosting company

    How can we select best hosting company?. Price relaibility, up time, service .. what else

  • AKshay_M
    Keep In Mind Some Things Before Taking Hosting
    1. Cpanel is part of the website where you can access the website. You will not have to call your hosting provider again and again. The entire setting of your website will be found only in Cpanel, so before taking the hosting, see that it is giving you the Cpanel.
    2. The loading time, speed and memory of a good website should be good because it is important for the user to give good experience, which has a good effect on website ranking.
    3. Types of Hosting: VPS, Shared, Dedicated, Cloud, Managed. Select your hosting by the need, remember you can not hide your Apache Server in Shared Hosting.
    4. Do not buy cheap or free hosting from third-party hosting providers, so you may have to face difficulties later.
    5. Good support, after getting the hosting, support is very important there can be a problem at any time in the website. After taking a good hosting, you can contact your hosting provider easily and quickly
    6. Before taking hosting, it is very important to see how much uptime the company is giving

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  • aaronbrad

    We need to think 5 times while choosing a webhosting company.No matter what size your business is or what product or service you provide, building an online presence is a crucial component needed to help your business grow and thrive. And while most people understand the importance of a professional-looking website, the significance of choosing a good web hosting company is often overlooked. Make no mistake: the quality of the hosting service you choose will have a direct impact on the success of your business website.

    Check the below link for a better assistance.

    Thank you,

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  • HNC-Duy
    Yes I also think you must consider reviews about suppliers from the internet.

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  • jodihost
    If for short just to find the hosting company that suits your needs and then read what others can say about it.

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  • rwilliams
    I would best suggest to go based on what other users you know and trust use. We have a number of clients who came on board only because of a referral.

    Review boards and most forums I have found are very biased to only allow a few big dogs to post and companies like mine get overlooked. But, while their service gets bad reviews, we continue to grow and continue with satisfied clients who truly get what they want: a host who is much more than space and bandwidth.
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  • semaphorev

    Ask Hosting provider to check server spped: Download test file and you will know the speed of server
    Use uptimebot for 7 days and you will know which server has lees downtime..
    Find reviews on forms…

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  • pinkbala
    Whenever you choose a hosting provider,be aware that provider is trustworthy and provide 24/7 technical support.
    Here i list some points while considering to choose a best web hoster.
    1.Amount of web space
    2.FTP access
    3.File type and size limitations
    4.Reliability and speed of access
    5.Supported languages
    6.Bandwidth allotment
    It's very helpful to choose the best hosting provider.I followed all the above tips and found a reliable provider, Recently i hosted my website using this site.I like their services.

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  • ssgsunny
    Visit Hosting forum and compare offers

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  • web247coin
    Originally posted by shakir View Post
    How can we select best hosting company?. Price relaibility, up time, service .. what else

    to select the web hosting company you must consider following points.

    1. Reliability of the company
    2. server uptime
    3. Reasonable Pricing as compare to competitors
    4. Bandwidth Allocation
    5. Support and it's response time
    6. lots of space and Bandwidth

    All above features in good manner you can find from the Web Hosting Company Called Web24x7 Services.

    You can refer to the link

    Thanking you


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  • exotic2013
    There isa small guidleline I us ein my business

    I am a full hosting provider and what I do with any new company gonna partner up with on any kind of reseller deals or such is this:

    1) See what types of support they have, if they don;t have aphone number listed for example move on, many companies now are hiding behind tiockets only support so they never have to actually talk to anyone and it takes days usually to get a result

    2) If they have Live Help get them on the line and ask some basic knowledge questions, even if you know the answers, ask them some stupid questions also and see how the handle your questions or if they try to blow you off or act like your a nuisance

    3) Put in a ticket for a question and see how long before you get a response

    4) If they have a phone call them and ask them questions about what they can do for your company, keep them on line min 15 minutes asking questions, if they try to cut you short or tell you pst a ticket cause they are busy or whatever then move on and find a better provider

    5) try to get a trial of their product and test it the best able during that trial, I have had data centers give me a whole large server for a month just to test their network and security and such, if do it right most will offer you some sort of trial if they are serious about making sales.

    6) A good technician will not just fix something for you but expalin what they did and give you pointers etc so next time you can fix it yourself. Most will not do this as they would rather instead of sell you large support plans that really isnt needed at all, it is basic knowledge needed to maintain and secure your account or server that they could give you some pointers on in just a few minutes

    I look for things like that myself at business level, Iask alto of questions, test the system they are trying to sell if possible, be kind of a pain at first deliberatly just to see how they handle it. I always lookf or the phone number, if they cant talk to me on the phone about a sale for a few minutes then they arent worth dealing with at all

    If need any help let me know Id be glad to give anyone pointers on server setups and on security methods from shared hosting up to full infrastructures and clouds.

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  • avirajm
    Selecting a Best hosting company.

    First of all you have to a make a checklist of things you need to have with your host like space,bandwidth,hosted scripts etc. After that you can start searching the hosting companies from various blogs and forums as well as also read real reviews but be careful as few comparison sites and review posting services manipulate reviews. Also ask your network friends about their experience with different host and always ask question like you did here to get views from industry leaders,third parties and companies. Before signing up with any host please read terms of service and agreement carefully to avoid any problems later.

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  • AtumVPS
    Get what you need...

    Be sure about what your preferences are - the ones that are going to be right for your business.

    A quote that I always use is "What matters to your host, should make a difference to you".

    If the host prides itself on great 247 support and dedicates resources to that area - would that help you?

    If the host has invested in premium data centre and security, will it make you a safer more reliable company?

    If the host offers managed packages that allows you to eliminate all other time and IT costs... will that make a difference to your business?

    Find out what means the most to you, or would make the biggest impact on your success and find the leaders/best in that area.

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  • perfectip
    Guaranteed network uptime, TOS/ SLA, pricing, support ticket response time, refund policy, reviews, hardware replacement policy, etc. They all go into consideration in determining their reliability. You generally get what you pay for.

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  • internetmoguls
    web hosting

    for this go to the web hosting review site...

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