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  • Free cPanel Hosting

    Hello, I'd like to invite everyone to join us at our newly launched free PHP hosting site. At we offer free hosting with all the features one would expect from paid hosting. There are some limits compared to free hosting, like less space and bandwidth and tighter email restrictions; in which case you can upgrade to our paid plans.

    If you're looking for the best in free cPanel hosting, then look no further. We have raised the bar in the free hosting business.

    Full Features:

    No Ads!
    Fantastico Script Installer
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    10000 MB Bandwidth
    Host up to 4 domains
    10 Email Accounts
    3 MySQL Databases
    3 Parked Domains
    3 Sub-Domains
    MySQL Database
    PostgreSQL Database
    POP/IMAP EMail
    SMTP Email
    Web Stats
    Managed By a 10 year cPanel hosting veteran
    And much more!

    Come join our growing community today and enjoy unequaled performance and features in free hosting!

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    There are many type of Managed Security available now thatís why you should give more attention while choosing hosting service for your website.


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      Cpanel hosting is of the simplest ways to host a webpage. It's plenty of integral features that a web administer wishes to have. Those who wishes to generate huge scaled hosting accounts and prefers things simple would like cPanel hosting. However there's lots of who hate the simple layout of cPanel hosting.
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        Video Hosting:

        It enables an individual to upload his video stuff. Video stuff is stored in server and shows different codes and pin addresses to see the video for the visitors. This is becoming increasingly popular because .But the codes are allowed in restricted videos or secrete videos otherwise it is almost free. The best example of this is YouTube.


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          Hi justinp this is the nice offer that you have shared here. I am just wondering much it will be cost if i increased the email account.


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              justinp can you share IP addres or can where IP is located from?


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                Remarkable loading speed: Being the most submissive technique available in the market today, cloud hosting also assures remarkable loading speed thus cheering the prominent and eminent ones in the realm of online business to the echo.

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                That is the reason I prefer Cloud hosting, is offering 50% Disc, on 1 Yr Sign up.....


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                  Thanks For Sharing

                  Here i have one more option with Cpanal hosting... have a look and enjoy



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                    The cPanel is a web hosting control panel that helps us to manage websites, email accounts etc. It contains many hosting tools and options that makes our hosting tasks very simple and easy.


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                      You have to consider, that cPanel is not a free product, therefore if you get hosting plan with it for free do expect ads on your webpage, or you can signup for a reliable cPanel hosting without ads for as low as EUR 1.99 /mo. @



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                        will you provide domain also , I need VPS hosting to mange my blog.


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